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"Love For A Thousand More" K-Drama Review

"Love For A Thousand More" K-Drama Review

by Violetta

Hello Loveliez!

Long time not seen. Today I wanted to do a little review about the K-Drama "Love For A Thousand More". This drama has 10 episodes with 20 minutes duration each. I really like such kind of dramas, because if I want something for my break of just before going to sleep in the evening, this length and amount of episodes is perfect. Well, but not every short drama has a good story, but to give you a little summary, this one is a really good one.
As often, these sort of dramas are dominated from a certain Entertainment, in this case it is the YG Entertainment. (Not that this is a bad thing)

But before I start, I want to set a little spoiler allert here. If you want my summarized opinion, please scroll down to the end of this post. :-)

 First, a view infos.

My sister and I watched this drama on youtube. Link to the first episode:

  • Genre: Romance / Fantasy
  • No. of Episodes: 10, each around 15 minutes running time
  • aired from 5. December 2016 till 23. December 2016

 Here is a main cast list:

  • Pyo Mi Jo (Hwang Seung Eon) main female role, lives for 1000 years now (is immortal), works as a love concealor
  • Yoo Joon Woo (Kang Seung Yoo from WINNER) main male role, neighbor of Mi Jo, leader of a hip-hop group

  • Yeon Ji (Kim Hee Jung) supporting role, member of the hip-hop group, in love with Joon Woo
  • Hyeong Shik (Kim Jin Woo from WINNER) supporting role, member of the hip-hop group 
  • Jason (Jang Ki Yong) supporting role, knows Mi Jo from a yoga-group where he is the teacher, is immortal as Mi Jo, but doesn´t remember his past and how that happened 😔
from left to right: Yoo Joo Woo (Kang Seung Yoo), Hyeong Shik (Kim Jin Woo), Yeon Ji (Kim Hee Jung), Pyo Mi Jo (Hwang Seung Eon), Jason (Jang Ki Yong)

But now, let me begin with the story.
The drama plays in the present. Mi Jo looks like a young women in her 20ies, but actually, she got immortal 1000 years ago. The drama starts with the meeting of a supportgroup which she occured. There are many, well ... let´s say strange people there, talking about their lives and problemes, really open and honest. This group / the meetings within the group is a nice side story, really funny and sad at the same time. (but I don´t want to spoil this to much)
There she said right in the beginning of the story, that she has experienced so many love stories with all different kinds of men, but caused to her immortality, always ended really sad. That´s the reason why she decited to never fall in love again, to not hurt herself and any other person.

The funny thing about this is, that she is working as a love concealor.

Since she isn´t ageing, she moves every 10 years. She already lives at her actual place for some years now. To the beginning of the story, there is a young man called Joon Woo, who moved to the flat above her. since he is the leader of an hip-hop group, it kind of get´s a bit louder in his flat from time to time. 😁 Since she is working from home, she is also annoyed if her neighbor makes to loud noises during day time.
So quickly after Joon Woo moved in, the day came that she had to complain about the noises and they "first" met each other. I just write "first" because, Joon Woo seems to recognize her from somewhere and instantly hugged her.

Since Joon Woo has a personality which is really introverted, this is really unusual, which made his friends and group mates (Yeon Ji and Hyeong Shik) wonder. But because Mi Jo doesn´t seem to know him at all, she reacted really cold and just pushed him away.

Later that evening, Yeon Ji, one of the group members, came to visit Mi Jo, because she want´s to get her help with her relationship with Joon Woo, who she secretly loved. Mi Jo promisses to help her and get her into a romantic relationship with him into one month, if they move away directly after they were getting together, so that she doesn´t have to move again.

So the next day, Mi Jo began with a little investigation about him and followed him around. Beside her first (really bad) impressions from him, she saw the kind and helpful man, who also works in a (just a bit embarassing) part-time job. (Maybe some of you know this blue bear with the harsh face) 😁

On that mission, she also met Hyeong Shik, who acted a bit weird with some highschool students on the street. He gave them money, without no obvious reason. This is stilla misteria for me, even after watching till the last episode (If you know what ths means, please tell me in the comments)

The more she tryed to help Yeon Ji, the more she spend time with him and more and more falled in love with him. He also, after their first meeting acted a bit cold toward her, more and more realized his feelings for her.
Since she has sworn to herself to not fall in love again AND since she has a client she is working for, she tries to ignore her feelings. 😭

But you will recognize soon, that the two have a common past, both of them aren´t realizing this in the beginning. But soon enough, their past will causa alot of trouble and conflicts (mainly with their feelings). 😢

Since Mi Jo is such a beautifu and characterlystrong woma, she also has one or another admirer. Here joins Jason (Jang Ki Yong), the yoga teacher of Mi Jo, who firstly seems to just have a crush on her, but you can see soonthat there is much more behind their relationship then it seems on the first view.

Since I don´t want to spoil you to much, I don´t want to say anything more about the story. :-)

So if you are looking for a supercute drama, which has a short running time, this one would be perfect for you. My sister and I loved it. It is such a cute romance drama and has in comparison with the running time a good amount of depth of the story.

Please tell us if you watched the drama and what your opinion of it was. If you have a good recommendation for us, especially for short dramas, please let us know. We are always looking for some new good dramas to watch.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked ths review.

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