Thursday, June 8, 2017

Etude House "Pink Showroom Customizing Palette"

Etude House "Pink Showroom Customizing Palette"

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
I love to collect things. Not all things, but all the things I like, why not collecting them?
Yep, that really can be a problem! :D
I also collect eyeshadows, these small containers. As I tried to reorganize my make up desk I realized that I started to build high towers with all these small eyeshadow containers. I searched for something to put all of them in, a palette or something, but all palettes that Etude House had were to small or to big for the number of eyeshadows I had.
And out of nowhere Etude House came out with a new palette, where you can put in your play 101 eyeshadows AND the dear my enamel eyes talk things plus a blusher. Amazing! ok, I don't have a blusher for this size but well, I thought it will be so nice to have all of these things organized in one, to be able to use them together and don't always bring ton's of these small containers.

So I decided to buy this "Pink Show Room Customizing Palette". *__*


PRIZE: $ 14.40


The palette came with a mixing palette, a double side brush and small magnets (that I couldn't find anymore haha, sry! But I don't needed them anyway!)

Here you can see the already filled palette.
The colourfull layer is in holographic optic, I guess because it's the trend these days. I would have prefered an other option, like a uni colored one, but anyways, this makes the palette really interesting.

I haven't used the brush so far because I am afraid to make it dirty (like I am with all brushes and make up things in the beginning! :D ) and I really don't know how I would ever use the mixing palette, but maybe time comes by and I need it! We will see...

In generall, all my eyeshadows are together in this palette, I am so happy! <3

This is the mixing palette...

...and this is the brush.

Now I will show you how you can put out the eyeshadow of the original small container, to put it into the palette.

 I have one enamel eyes talk left, so let me show you with this how it will work...

You need your container of course and a thin needle or a pin. After putting it out, the left overs will look like this.

 Can you see the hole? You have to stick in the needle to push out the eyeshadow.

Just push and it will come out easily.

This eyeshadow is supposed to sit in one of the upper howles. So you can combine your palette new how often you want. Seriously, I think it really was fun to see how well the colors match together.

It really makes it more easy to use the eyeshadows at once. I am so happy that I have bought this palette.

So if you are like me and have loooot's of these small container's I simply recommend you to buy a palette, too, because they are really handy.

Please let me know if you ahve problems with all these small container's, too.

I hope this review was fun and helpfull for you! ;)

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