Tuesday, September 5, 2017

B.A.P Comeback - Honeymoon

B.A.P Comeback - Honeymoon

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today is the day!!! B.A.P just released their new music video "honeymoon". I was super excited because I am such a pure BABY, and every comeback from my kings is amazing.

I was a bit confused, because they released it on a strange time, not 12:00 pm KST as usual.

They are the brightest things in the world haha!

But anyways...
I think I have to say that I am a fan of the darker concept's of B.A.P, but I can't help it. Since I saw them live and has fallen in love with them I support them no matter what. ;)

The teaser images let the BABY's already see that this will be a really colorfull concept. Some appreciate them, some hate them, I guess.
I already fell in love with the teaser images from Yongguk (because of his awesomeness) and from Zelo (because of his young look. I mean really??? TS, he is an adult, not? haha, but he is just so sweet, so thank you for sweeting up my day! <3 ), I mean ok, they are my biases in the group. But I also like Daehyun with purple hair haha! <333

Pill's (from Himchan??)

Bloody hand from Yongguk

In the beginning of the mv we see the ocean, tree's, nature, many green places and also flower's. The boy's look fabulous as usual (haha) but there are also these suicide like (?) things to see like the pills and Yongguk's bloody hand... In the end, do they come over theirs depressions? Because of BABYS? Or because of they're friendship?

I love Daehyun's eyes!

OMO!!! How can a human beeing look so awesome??

Seriously, I really don't understand the hair from Jongup and Himchan. I really can´t!!!!! :D Why have you done this to them????

cute Zelo Oppa

= P E A C E (letters in order from alphabet)

really colorful mv

But Himchan's voice is awesome in the song, and Jongup has more lines as usual. In general I think Jongup and Yongjae really get enough parts in the song, Daehyun has his parts as usual, but also really high notes. I am a bit sad that the rap parts are super short. But Zelo's rap is new and I love it. (but tooooo short!!!!!!!)

"I know you hate it
But I'm freer than I've ever been"

"I feel good
It is true
Life is colorful"

The lyrics give me hope that Yongguk is in a better condition now. I really hope so. My boy's should feel good.

So, what do you think about the new comeback? Do you prefer these colorful comebacks or are you (like I am) waiting for more dark concepts??? :P

In this autumn we have so many Kpop comebacks, also from really big groups. I mean, B.A.P has a big world wide fanbase, but I really hope they will get enough recognition in Korea, too. Because if the people in Korea doesn't like the music, they have no chance to reach to the rest of the world. :(

Fighting B.A.P!!! Fighting BABYS!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading! <33

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