Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hairlekin - Ponytail with braided Highlight


Ponytail with braided Highlight

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
today I will present (...yeah... I think present is the right word!) you a new HAIRLEKIN!!!!!
This time I tryed to make a video, because I think in a video it's more easy to see what I mean, than seeing it on pictures.

It's my first video I've ever have edit so please don't be to mean to me if there are some mistakes or bad thing's in it!... I still try to get bether in this! :3 *fighting*

I show you how you can easily make a ponytail with nice braided highlights. With this the hairstyle can look more special but stylish, too. I really love it! <33

I hope you like this video. Please leaf a comment if you want! ;)

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