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GOT7 Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary pre

GOT7 Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary pre

by Rosalie

UPDATE 19.04.2018:
So yesterday was the ticket selling and... Violetta and me we both couldn't get a ticket. I really cant believe how this could happen. But I saw on facebook that there are really many fans who could't get a ticket, too.
 So I just can ask, how can it be that they choose such a small hall when they knew how many people wanted to go there? 
This is a bad jocke, seriously. I am sad and I dont know what to do anymore. Of course some people are selling tickets for such bad prices online now, but also there are not so many. I cant understand it. I CANT!!!!!!! 

You can share your feelings about this here, too. Please also let me know if you know someone who cant go to the concert and wants to sell the tickets.

So in future, I will not be able to continue with my concert diary for this concert. I am so sorry.

Hi Lovelies,
I am really happy to tell you this! Got7 is doing a world tour in 2018 and they will come to Germany, too. I am in heaven!! <3333
Today My Music Taste published the informations about ticket sale and presale. I have been waiting for these informations since they published the dat for the concert. So now all IGot7's have to decide wich ticket to buy. The concert will be on 08.06.2018, in Berlin (Velodrom) The tour is named after they're latest album "eyes on you".

official tour poster

Here you can see where Got7 is also going this year.

I have been in love with them since I have watched Jackson in Hitmaker. Jackson itself is just amazing, but the whole group is so awesome. I love them so much.

In this blogpost I want to inform you about the ticket prices and also want to talk about kpop concerts in general, just in case you want to go, too but havent been at one and are unshure about many things.
I have been to two concerts till now (B.A.P 2016 and 2017) and also have written a concert diary, you can read them, too, for much more details! <3 Just click at the pictures for the full diary.

B.A.P concert diary 2016 in Düsseldorf, "Live On Earth"

B.A.P concert diary 2017 in Frankfurt, "Party Baby"

ticket prices:
VIP (standing, early entry, high touch ticket): 180€
A (standing): 130€
B (standing): 95€
C (seated): 75€
D (seated): 55€

The presale startson 16.04.2018 at 16:00 EST and ends on 18.04.2018 15:30 EST.

Where to buy tickets:


The stage in Berlin and the categorys.

I have made good experiences with Eventime, but I havent buyed tickets at Kontickets. If you already have, please let me know about your experience. <3

Just after seeing the ticket prices I think they are not as expencive as at the B.A.P concerts, but also not cheap. Just for an example: my mum payed 100€ for ACDC, and they are world wide legends, but for a korean group you can pay up to 180€. It's crazy in my opinion but ok, I need to see them. Since I am a student I am not able to buy the VIP ticket. Huuuuuuuuu :´(
But I am thinking about category C or D... (So if you want to know where we will be, somewhere at C or D, I will update you via twitter when I will know)
Just after my experience I think if you want to see the group but dont have so much money I also think it is worth it. I always went for the lower category's but was happy all the time. I was in the standing category's before, but this time we will try the seated tickets. As I know from other fans teh seated tickets have the number of your chair on it, so for me this means I don't have to drive 03:00 AM like to Berlin only to have the numbering. (If you dont know: many of the fans want to make everything easyer for everyone. I think this is really nice. They want to organice around 08:00 AM the numbering, you get your number wehn you have arrived there and after you line up with this numbering again. This is to prevent that some girls camp in front of the hall only te be in the first row. But for me, not living in Berlin, it's hard with driving so early in the morning and stuff).

For all intern and fan based information and organization the facebook groups are really greta. If you hav some questions you can ask them there, some girls know the location well or are in the organisation group as well (for the numbering).

At the concerts the bagproblem is always a big thing. Since I will come with my car I will left everything there. Its more compfortable at the concert. But if you do that, too, you need to drink and eat enough beforehand. I always see girls crying and screaming crazily and they flip over. The concert will be over for them at the ambulance station, how horrible. So please sleep and eat and drink enough!! <3 Its just for you to have a nice concert.

I guess you have more questions about everything. I just can say I am always free for questions!<3 Or you can write in the facebook groups. Also if you want to write me about your concert experience please feel free to do it. I am always happy to read from you! <3

Also I hope this blogpost was helpfull for you. Maybe we see each other at the concert! <3
I will also write after the concert about my experiences! <3

We would be really happy if you'll follow us on facebook and twitter !

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