Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird August Box, "Pink Skull", "DUMBO Moistfull Collagen", "Play 101 Stick"

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird August Box

by Violetta


Hello Loveliez!
I´m so excited to tell you that the secound Pink Bird Box from ETUDE HOUSE has arrived. :D There is so much cool and new stuff in there, I can´t believe it.
This post is just a little haul-like one where you can find short descriptions about each product and where you also can find the links to our full reviews. Have fun! ^^

Thanks again to ETUDE HOUSE to choose us for this project. ^^

What is included??? 

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 Here is the video about the products with little swatches. ^^



So first, let´s start with the "Play 101 Stick Contour Duo" #2

(please click on the title for the full review)

If you read all our posts so far, you may know that neighter my sister nor me ever talked about contouring. That´s because we are not so big fans of this technique. I´m personally only contouring around my eyebrows and sometimes around my lips a bit, but we both haven´t used that technique so often yet. 
When ETUDE HOUSE came up with the Play 101 STICKS and we both saw the contour stick, we both said, that if we had enough money, we would definitelly want to try out the contour stick, just because it looked so cool that you have the two colours you need for contouring included in one small pencil. But we couldn´t buy it. :,(

Now that we got the NEW COLOUR of the contour stick, we are both sooooo happy about it, because it works so great, also for contouring beginners like us. ^^ 

There is a little instruction on their internet side that we followed and it went out really great.

The texture is really creamy and easy to blend, eighter with fingers, sponge or a brush. This way you don´t get to look to contoured and unnatural. ^^

As I said ETUDE HOUSE only offered one colour in the beginning, where the pigmentaton was a bit more cool toned I would say (just judging from the pictures on the web). I think #1 is also a really great colour mix, but #2 is supposed to be greater in summer with it´s more warm toned colours.
But if you ask me, I would say that they both work for all seasons really great, no matter which one you have.
I don´t know how the colours work on darker skin, but they´re pretty perfect for my skintone.

If you look close enough you see pretty good how the colours work. Not to obvious and still doing their job pretty good, heh?

Here is the link where you can find it on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store: "Play 101 Stick contour Duo"

The next one was quite a little surprise for us when we opened the package, because we haven´t seen any advertisement about this till then. They published the first picture of this collection two days after our package arrived.  :D  This was such an awesome moment.

I´m talking about the "Moistfull Collagen Cream Jumbo"

ETUDE HOUSE decited to redesign their famous "Moistfull Collagen" collection whith featuring DISNEY´s Dumbo. <3
They created a bigger pot of the "Moistfull Collagen CREAM" as well, so that you can get a bigger container of the cream. The normal size includes 75 ml, while the bigger size includes 110 ml.

These packages looks so adorable. And I really like the Dumbo~Jumbo combination. Just a great idea.
I did some reserches and I tink this repackaged pot doesn´t has a new mixture or something like that. It´s obviously just the same cream in a bigger container. ^^

My sister wrote a review about the ETUDE HOUSE "Moistfull Collagen Cream", so please click on the link and check it out, if you are interested.
Click here to get to the ETUDE HOUSE global online store, if you want more infos or if you want to know where to buy it: "Moistfull Collagene Cream Jumbo"
I also got the ETUDE HOUSE "Moistfull Collagen FACIAL MASK SHEET" in the package, please click on the link for my review about it. <3

Since this collection is so adorable, I already ordered a "Moistfull Collagene FACIAL STICK". I have already checked it out and I love it so much and since they have it in the new design now, I just had to get it (my sis and mon too). :D

So last but not least, a really cool and trendy fall collection ETUDE HOUSE came up with ...

The ETUDE HOUSE  2016 Fall Collection PINK SKULL


This collection includes blusher (2 shades), maskara (2 shades of curl fix, 1 shade of long lash), twin shot lips tint (2 shades), eye shadow (2 palettes with each 9 shades), nail polish (5 shades), nail sticker (2 different styles) and perfume.
So nothing is missing in this collection, heh? (beside a cushion maybe ;-) )

ETUDE HOUSE offers the products seperatelly an as different sets (so you can save a bit on money if you want more than one product of this collection).

I think it´s really cool that ETUDE HOUSE created a bit more funky but still girlish image. The colours of this collection are all really great and I think also skulls fits this season really good, not only falling leafs. ;-)

We got two products of this collection, the "Pink Skull COLOUR EYES" in PK001 and the "Pink Skull TWIN SHOT LIPS TINT" in shade RD304.

The palette is really great. My sister said she wanted to buy it anyways. ^^ The colours are so nice and match each other really well. The palette we´ve got is a bit more warm toned than the other one ETUDE HOUSE offers. (click here for the link)

At first I thought the "Pink Skull TWIN SHOT LIPS TINT" (please click for my review) is going to be similar to the original Twin Shot Lipstins´s, but it´s not. While you press a button on the original products container to get the secound colour out, the PINK SKULL ones are like 2 seperated colours in seperated bottles in one stick. There is nothing to pump. :-(

I think that´s because the supposed use of these is a bit different. Here it´s not supposed to get blended lips colour, but to darken up the first colour with the dark secound one. Look on the pictures below to see (and understand) what I´m trying to say. (click to get to the official global page of ETUDE HOUSE)

Both colours can be worn seperatelly or in combination. (Swatches of my lips in the full review)

The mousse tint one is matt and really not drying out your lips. I´m so happy with it. My only problem is that the colour I got is so dark, that I think I can´t wear it on daytime (or atleast not to often ;-) ), so it´s really sad that the other shades they offer are also so dark. I mean the colours are really beautifull and with the matt one on my lips, I also can drink and eat without losing any colour of my lips, but it´s just to  dark for daytime. :-(

The dark colour (pearl tint) is also really cool, because you can also use it in combination with other lip products and every colour you like. That makes this colour really flexible.  Unlike I thought in the beginning, this colour also looks good on it´s own. If the red and both in combination are to dark, you can at least wear this colour, but it is really glossy, so it goes of really fast if you drink or eat. It also turns the red one in combination into a glossy colour that doesn´t stay long under several circumstances. ;-)

But all in all, I really appreciate this new collection. I also ordered the blusher of this collection to try it out, because it´s a cream blusher like my "Berry Delicious Cream Blusher" is, and I love this so much, I thought about ordering a secound colour all the time. Now I will get one soon. ^^

So that´s all that was in my package. Quite much this time. Please also read the full reviews about all products to get even more informations about the products.

Thank you for reading. :-)

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  1. Hello Girls,

    I'm happy to read that your second box arrived! I hope you had no problems with the Zoll. I personally love the pink skull products, such a cute design. Contouring isn't for me as well, I never even attempted it.

    Lots of Love,

    1. Hey Katia!
      This box arrived 7 am in the morning, but no issue with zoll at all. Since I tryed this contour stick for a little while now, I have to say that it is really easy and good looking. I use it without foundation under it and it looks really natural and that´s a great not-heavy make up for every day. I´ll show you how I do that in the post I write about this contour stick. It will be very interesting. ^^