Monday, June 29, 2015

TonyMoly "New Egg Pore Nose Pack"

TonyMoly "New Egg Pore Nose Pack"

by Rosalie


Hey my lovelys,
today I want to write a review about a product against blackheads. I know I have written some reviews about things you can do against blackheads, so I had the idea to write a article/review about the best anti blackhead products I've tried! If you are interested please write a comment or let me know about facebook.


PRICE: $4.84



I ordered this product from beautynetkorea.
In the little box there are 7 masks. So I think the price is not to expencive. 

For me it is really easy to use this product. You simply have to put of the plastic thing from the mask, put it on your nose (before you have to wet it) and then leave it there for 10 - 15 minutes. Yust as long as the mask is dry. the remove hte mask and you can see all the blackheads that you have removed from your nose! :D

Now I show you some pictures from using the masks:

mask with plastic thing

after removing the plastic thing!^^

wearing the mask on my nose! :D

after removing the mask from my nose
Well I have to say that you don't really see much on the picture "removing the mask", but trust me, it really put parts of the blackheads out of your nose. I was so shocked after using this for the first time because there was so much on this little mask thing!!! o.O
After using the mask it is important to use a moisturizer at your nose to not damage it.

After all I really like the product because it aslo don't need so much time to use it. It is easy and it helps. There are similar masks from other brands so I decided to try a other brand the next time I order. But really this is amazing! You have to try it if you have problems with blackheads like me.

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you want to please write a comment.
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