Monday, August 17, 2015

Comming Soon!

Comming Soon!

We've got some new products!!!! jeiiii!!!!
Now it's time to test them and then we will give you some great reviews about these products, so please look forward to it! ;)

products:        TonyMoly: appletox

                         FaceShop: blackhead out aloe nose strip
                                             blackhead out charcoal nose strip

                        Food-a-Holic: tomato natural essence mask
                                                  orange natural essence mask

                       Innisfree: it's real squezze mask kiwi

                       Etude House: aloe moistfull
                                                 sunprise must daily 
                                                 curl fix (black)
                                                 play 101 (#01)
                                                 look at my eyes (#BR402)
                                                 look at my eyes cafe (#BR402, #OR203)
                                                 look at my eyes jewel (#OR202)
                                                 dear my wish lips-talk ( #BE102, #OR202, #OR203)

                       SkinFood: tomato hand lotion
                                           lettuce & cucumber watery emulsion

                       Holika Holika: sweet cotton pore cover powder

                       theSAEM: saemmul face lightener (#01)

We hope some of these products interest you, too. We try to write the reviews in a few weeks! ;) If you follow us on facebook you wouldn't leaf a review out! ;)
If you have some favourites wich we should review earlier please let us know and we will try our best! <33

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