Thursday, March 10, 2016

Etude House "Ginger Cookie Blusher & Contour Maker"


by Violetta and Rosalie

This time we wanted to write a blog entry together, because I bought the Cookie Blusher and Rosalie the Contour Maker. So we thought it would be the best if we show you each product.

First of all, the packaging and the design are absolutelly cute and adorable. When I first saw it, the reaction of my sister and me was like "OMG! How cute is that! I didn´t know that Etude House was able to top their normal sweet packagings! This just has to get a great day, since the day already started that great!"

If you can´t see it on the pictures, the "gingerbread man" came in an oven and it´s laying on an oven plate. ^^


"Ginger Cookie Blusher" by Violetta

I´m going to show you some swatches of the blusher on the face

I personally think that the colour is really nice for those, who don´t want to have a pink or red blush (like me ^^ ) On the Etude House images, you actually can´t see much of the colours, but since the blush colours are near skin colours and look really natural, that´s just how it is. This blusher gives you a good blushed effect (can I say it like that?) There is one lighter and one darker shade, but the both belong into one colour family, so they really match good and are great to combinate and to mix.

In generall, the colours are both not sooo much oigmented, but I really like it. Elseway it would be really difficult to apply it, so I think the pigmentation is ideal. ;-)

Both colours have a little glittery / shiny pigmention, so if you don´t like such blusher, you may should check the pigmentation before you buy it. But if you don´t have the chance to do so (because you buy your cosmetic online), here is my advice:

I don´t really use blusher that often, since you often see them in red or pink colours and I don´t like to have that on my face (on other faces these colours look beautifull, but I think not on mine ...). It is good to have a little shiny something in the face, which is not to obvious, to look more like a natural beauty ;) If you preffer the natural moistfull look, this product is good, because so you don´t look to dry on your cheek area. I personally really like that little shimmery look, since it really is not to flashy.

: I really recommend this product to every one who loves blushes and those who want to try a blusher the first time, because of the pigmentation, it is the perfect product for everyone, beginners and advanced ones. Because the pigmentation is (just) a little bit glittery, it comes really good with the moistfull make up look.

"Ginger Cookie Contour Maker" by Rosalie

For me its the first time to try out a contourer. So I was veeery excited to try it. I think because of the division of both colours it is a bit difficoult to use the highlighter. You can comportably use it with a small brush but with a big brush it is hard to just get the light color on your brush. Beside this the light colour is very low pigmented. It was really REALLY hard for me to show the colour to you. Thats a pity for me because I hoped a highliter really can highlight some parts in my face but I dont really can see a difference before and after.

The part with the dark color is pretty big. So you can make the darker parts very easy. also the colour has enough pigmentation to see a difference but don't be to dark on my face. The colour itself is more like a red toned brown, so somehow I feel a bit uncompfortable with it, because I hoped for a more cooler colour. I can use it anyway and it looks nice, not to hard, but for me I like to use this color as eyeshadow much more.

Its a nice color for a everyday eyeshadow, simply this colour for example it you dont have so much time in the morning but also wanted to wear eyeshadow. (I simply need eyeshadow to get my eyelids less oily so my eyeliner can stay on bether.)

In the end I can say that the dark colour is useful for some different things so for example if you travel and dont want to bring to much colours with you this contourer is practical. But I am a bit sad that the light colour is so less pigmented. :(

I hope this review was helpful for you. If you have some questions please let me know! <333
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