Sunday, January 17, 2016

Skinfood "EGG WHITE PACK - Peel-off Pack for Nose, Forehead & Jaw"


by Violetta


Since this was ine of the first SKINFOOD products I tryed, I was very very curious about it. I tryed a view peel-off blackhead packs, so I think I am able to compare this one with the others I tryed. Since everyone says SKINFOOD is such a good korean brand, I really had high expectations in it.
 This pack includes 10 picks. When I bought it, I thought that it includes 10 picks in the same shape, which you can use for nose, forehead and jaw. I thought this because I am often quite sad when I see the sizes of the sheets, because I think they could have at least 1 cm more in each side. However, my guess was wrong. Well, it was actually my own mistake.

It actually includes 5 picks for the nose area (each seperatly packaged) and 10 picks for the forehead and the jaw area (2 picks seperatly packaged, so you have to use two at the same time (jaw and forehead at the same time), or you have to save one unpackaged untill the next time).

There is a description on each simple packaged sheet, so that you don´t have to save the package where it comes, but I personally think that you normally save it, to not loose any. But sometimes I take only one with me (I have to travel between my hometown and the town where I study), so it´s good that the description is on each sheet. There is just no description directly on the package where all the sheets come in, so you can´t see it when you buy it on an store, but that´s not important for someone like me, who buyes it on the internet. ;)

I bought the product on COSMETIC LOVE



PRICE: 7,94 $

PICKS: 10 (15 sheets, 5 nose, 5 jaw, 5 forehead)


I bought it during an event, where I got 20% off, so I payed 6,35$ for the product. :)
I often hear that egg white is good in the war against blackheads and I even tryed to make a mask of egg white, and since this product contains egg white, I thought it should be usefull.

How to use: After cleaning the face, wet the area(s) where you want to put it on. dry your hands and put the stripe on. Leave it in winter for about 10 minutes and in summer for about 15 minutes. After the sheets have completely dried, peel them off off starting at the edges toward the center gently wipe off surplus pack with toner or water.
I think it´s a bit difficult to put them on the skin, because the don´t stick on the face as good as others do. You can see in the pictures, that it doesn´t stick good exactly on the jaw. Consequently it doesn´t grab all blackheads in these areas. And also where the mask sticks good on the skin, it doesn´t remove as much blackheads as I expected and as others do. Since you can´t see if it removes oil, I can´t say anything about that. Don´t misunderstand me. I see that it removes some blackheads, but not almost much enough to say I got a good result.

with my beautifull smile! HAHAHA! :D
 So my conclusion is that I am not going to repurchise this product. I think it´s a good price for blackhead peel-off masks, but if it doesn´t work good enough, I have to look for an other product. 

I hope you find this review usefull. Thank you for reading. if you like, please left a comment. If you made any sort of different experiences with that product, please let me know it in the comments.
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