Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hairlekin: Braide Bun (Etude House)

Hairlekin: Braide Bun (Etude House)

by Rosalie

Hey everyone,
today I want to show you another hair tutorial wich I found at the Etude House website. 
It's called a braided bun and I was thinking that it looks really easy and nice on the picture, so I decided to try it on my own.
Let me say at the begin this is yust easy if you still have made this kind of braiding by yourself.
If not I think you have to learn how to do it at first, to really be able to make this hairstyle. ;) 

Ummm, yeah. Looks really easy!^^
So yust see how I was able to do it with my own hair! ;)

right side (originally step 2... sry for that!)

yeah, left side, originally step 1!^^

All in all I think my hair may be a bit short for this hairstyle. I wasn't able to really build up a bun with my hair, but I think this doesn't look so bad!^^
It's a new hairstyle and I like to wear it. I did it very often and never have problems!^^
So of you have shorter hair like me, don't be sad if you don't have such a nice bun like the model from Etude House! :D

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you are interested in this "Hairlekin"-thing, please let me know. I still want to make some other hairstyles promoted by korean brands. I aslo think about to show you my own hair style ideas. If you like please let me know!^^

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