Tuesday, May 16, 2017

BTS nominated for Billboard Music Awards

BTS nominated for Billboard Music Awards

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
I was such a proud ARMY when I heard that BTS are nominated for an american music award. OMG!!! I think this CAN be something amazing and will bring them some attention that they deserver!! OMO, I am so done!

To give you some more details: BTS are nominated on the Billboard Music Awards 2017 in the category "Top Social Artist". (I really don't know if this category is a big thing or not but I guess our kid's should bring this award home to korea haha!!)

To get this award we need to vote for them.
Click for the link!!

The show will be on MAY 21st so untill then we have the chance to do something for them!

I have read that they will also join the award show, so they will be in America, good for the american ARMY's. But even if I am normally not interested in american shows I think we all can do something for the kpop music industry. In my opinion the korean music is often much better than the american or german ones. I´ve showed my mom and her boyfriend some music video's (they are no kpop fan's) but they also said that the albums are made with so much more love and the music videos are full with amazing effect's comparred to american and german ones and they also said that the singer's are really great.

Beside, BTS are the secound korean music group wich is nominated for an american award, first Big Bang was nominated on the MTV Music Awards.

I don't know if anyone read this and don't know BTS? You really should check them out. 



They make a hip hop -like music, but lately they also did some different kind of music, more soulfully. The ARMY likes it, so do I. 
I guess BTS get most attention with their music video for "I Need You", wich is the beginning of a long range with a big story behind. There are maaaaany descriptions from the fan's but this is really something deep wich isn't solved yet I guess.

I was also proud that they're last album where the lyric's are inspired by german writer Hermann Hesse. 

BTS really isn't some ordinary boygroup, they are special and I wish them the best. So please help getting them the award.

Beside, what do you think about this american attention with this award stuff? Is it good for them or not? Do you want to have a small fandom or a worldwide fandom like BTS might get soon?

HAHA! Some BTS SHIT! I just love them so much! <33

If you wanna hear more about BTS please let me know or if you have some quetsions.
Share the ARMYNESS around and be proud and selfconfident as the kid's are. :D 

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