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Etude House "Dear Darling Tint" #PK006, #PK004, OR205

Etude House "Dear Darling Tint" #PK006, #PK004, OR205

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,
a few days from the new yeas have passed by and I still hope or have the kind of feeling that this year will be much more better than the last one was. I want to blog more regulary, in my vacations I also want to write more than only once a week. I also wanna get better in taking photos plus editing them. I really hope I can do this! Do you have some things you wanna achieve this year? (I guess I am a bit late but every year I have the problem that christmas was just a few days ago and I am not ready for silvester. That's why I choose my "Want to achieve" things a few days after the year already has started, but I don't think that this is a problem haha!)

Anyway, today I want to wite about a lipproduct from my favourite korean brand, the "Dear Darling Tint".


PRICE: $6.50




I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store. I think it is so nice to have some more colors to choose from, but it also gives me a hard decision because all the colors look so pretty on the advertising images. As I ordered with my sister and my mom together they only had three colors left in store, so we decided to order these three colors and see who likes wich color when they arrive. (To be honest, all tree colors are pretty so it was really hard to choose.)

The most catching thing on this product is obviously the design. Etude House made these tints look like tiny ice creams. I love this, it is so amazingly cute OMG! <3 No one can beat the korean beauty industry with they're product designs. Also the Ice cream bottle is really small, but that is also nice because I always have left overs from my lipproducts but I already wanted a new one. So If it is smaller I may be able to empty this bottle out one day. And it suits into every cosmetic bag, wich is also really nice for a fresh liplook on the go.

Also the boxes where the tints are in look super cute and have a nice print on it. Only the opening from the boxes was a bit hard for me, I broke one of the boxes while I wanted to open it on top of the product. YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE BOX ON THE BOTTOM OR ELSE YOU DAMAGE THE BOX!

Also opening the tint is kind of new for me, you need to twist the upper part and then you have the ice cream stick in your fingers. From all the advertising images I was beliefing that it would look different! :D

This ice cream is so glittery. I tried to show you the glitter effect while the sun directly shines on it.




Anyway, all 3 tints has different smells, all are really fruity but nice. When you apply the product you just have a decent smell for a few moments but it goes away while the tint gets dry on your lips.

PK004, OR205, PK006 (from left)

without any product




PK004 with PK006 on top

Applying the product is really nice with the soft tip from the product. All 3 colors we have are really ligth, so you can create a decent look, but with more layers you can get more color onto your lips. The tint itself gets dry after a while, but at the first application the product nicely moisturize my lips. When it gets dry my lips tend to get a bit dry, but not every time. I guess in winter time my lips have some troubles, so in summer maybe this wouldn't be a problem, and this tint is obviously designed to use in summer. But would it be ok to use a liptint only in one season? What do you think? I use the products I have all the year around so I don't know...

The color really stayes on my lips for a while. Like also after drinking and eating there is a bit of the color left. Other products are completely gone, but whith this tint you will still have the color where it should be.

So all in all this product is cute designed and also has a handy size. The smell is nice. It sounds strange but I believe this tint also has a tast wich is kind of fruity. Strange really, but better than a chemical taste on y lips! ;) I totally recommend you to try this product out if you are a lipproduct junky as I am. haha.

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me! ;)

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