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by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
I struggle these days. I am a bit (tbh more than just a bit) unhappy and feeling lonely. So Violetta and me, we are thinking about adopting a cat. We are not sure because our appartment isn't the biggest and on weekend we often visit our family, and the cat would be a problem to handle. But I love cat's. They make my heart warm and adopting might help the cute cat from always living in an animal shelter. I DONT KNOW: I really would be happy to hear you oppinion about this topic. Please, should we get a cat or not??? 

Haha, anyway, lets talk about korean beauty! ;D
Today I want to write about the Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist from the korean brand "Hope Girl".
I wrote about the moisturizing cream from the same line earlyer, I really liked the product. So I thought this product might be really good for my skin as well.


PRICE: $15


VOLUME: 80 ml

I got this product from

The product design is again cute and mostly inspired by honeycomb. It feels like high quality and easy to use. 

So using it is pretty simple. Just apply your makeup and after you are done you can shake the bottle and spray some mist onto your skin. The product itself should fix the makeup you have applyed for longer lasting and all day long fresh makeup. 

As I have used it how the description said I couldn't really see a difference. Of course the product is nice smelling, but to get some mist out of the bottle I have to spray really like 10 times (wich I think is a bit much...). The mositurizing effect wasn't noticable for me.
But if at least the makeup will stay longer I thought it will be ok to use it anyway. 

unshaked the liquid looks like water

how the mist looks like when you shake it, you need to shake it before you spray it onto your skin

In the following you can see different products on mine and Violettas arms, with and without the fixing mist.
We washed the products off, first with water and secound with soap. Just to see the differences in dissapearing. But to be honest, there was no difference.
So I could't feel the difference on my face and in the exact test there was also no difference.
So if you are asking me this product really does nothing tomy face. I was feeling like I get some pimples while I was using this product, can this be??


washed with water

washed with soap

I also used the mist without makeup, just to see if there is any moisturizing effect or anything. But really, there was nothing. Just dissapearing mist on my skin. It could be water that I spray onto my face, not a expencive product.

-nice smell
-cute design

-no fixing effect
-no mositurizing effect
-must spray many times to get something out of the bottle

So all in all the product is useless for me. I am really sad to say this, but I also want to let you know about products I dont like to use.

I hope this review was helpfull for you.

If you still have any questions please feel free to ask me. <3 

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