Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tonymoly "Appletox - Smooth Massage Peeling Cream"


Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 

by Violetta 


I bought this product as an offer on  together with the TONYMOLY "TOMATOX" for 15,80 $, which is a good price for both products (actually the TOMATOX costs 9,85 $, so you save 3,30 $). I was very curious about both products, because I heared that Tonymoly is very famous for them and they´re very good. Actually I was looking for something against blackheads and I heard that this peeling should help.



PRICE: 9,25$
VOLUME: 80 g


Well I have to say I like the texture of this peeling cream, because it doesn´t has any hard grains in it, like the most of german peelings have. I experienced, that such hard peelings are not good for my skin, because the skin in the face is always the thinest skin of your body. If you use peelings with hard grains for your back, feet or leggs, it is ok, but it is too hard for my face. So I think APPLETOX has the perfect texture for the face. 

First you apply the product all over your face (exept mouth and eyes). Then you have to massage it in for about 1-2 minutes. After waiting  30 seconds you have to rub it off (not to hard) and remove the rest of the product with lukewarm water.

First the positive atributes: I really love the packaging and the smell is very nice (a really apple-like smell). The product is easy to use and you don´t need that much time. The texture is not to "agressive" for the face and even my sensitive skin doesn´t showed any bad reaction. 

The bad thing is, that I don´t really know if it really helped me with my blackhead-problem (I don´t really think so ... ), and that´s why I´m not going to buy this product again. I had my problems with this product from the beginning on, because I didn´t used enough of the product at first, so it didn´t really worked. The thing is, that Tomatox is, compared to Appletox,  so much better and more effective, so I´m really disappointed of Appletox (Peeling cream). I even love the Appletox moisture cream, so I don´t know why this Appletox didn´t impressed me ...

Anyway, thank you for reading and if this review was usefull for you or if you have any other experiences or even the same ones, please leave a comment. 

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