Thursday, December 7, 2017

Etude House "Drawing Eye Brow" #2

Etude House "Drawing Eye Brow" #2

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies, 
ahen I scroll down my instagram page I see all these amazingly perfect pictures of makeup and beautifull korean models. I am kind of jeallous, I WANNA LOOK LIKE THIS, TOO!!! :D

But I can do what I want my face isn't the most perfect. The worst part of my face is one of my eyebrows, where I have a scar right in the middle. I dont want to overlayer this part but a nice eyebrowpencil would be nice, wich can overline this scar and I am constantly searching for one. To write about this is kind of hard for me, but maybe you also have problem zones in your face and I want you to not feel alone! ;)

I choosed the colour #02

But this is only a sidestory, in general I wanted to write about a eyebrowpencil in this blpogpost. About my first eyebrowpencil from my favourite korean brand, Etude House. *__*


PRICE: $3,60


You can get this product in 7 different colours wich is kind of amazing! There are really dark colours, but also yellowish colours for people wich want to have blond eyebrows. I have chosen a ash brown like colour. I don't like to have super dark eyebrows but filling in my brows a bit makes me look much more fresh. So this colour was kind of a good oportunity for me.

triangular shape of the pencil

because of the shape the pencil can draw thin and thick lines

two different sides, the pencil and the brush

The product came with the pencil itself and a brush, to soften the lines in the eyebrow. I always like product types wich has the full equipment on itself to apply it and use it in the best way. So in this situation I mean you can apply the product itself and also brush it off.

The pencil itself is really thin, wich makes is easy for me to apply it. In a stressfull morning there is nothing more nerve wrecking for me to sharpen all my pencil. But I can only twirl and there is more thin pencil product, yeii! <3

The product is nicely pigmented but not to soft in drawing. (I think a eyebrowpencil must be a bit harder than a normal eyeliner.) So if you only want to colour your brows a bit it is really easy. 

But I also have to say that this product is not waterproof. On my brows the product stayes the whole day, but I only wanted to take your attention to this point! ;) But because of this it is easy to remove with normal make up remover.

 In the following you can see the pencil lines on my hand and on my brows:

thin and thick lines

blended lines

left: without any product, right: with the eyebrowpencil and blended

All in all I really like this product. As you may can see in the swatches the pencil doesn't draw on my scar skin, but thats just as every eyebrowpencil workes on this park. It took on the color a bit but not like the other skin take the colour on. :( (But I guess there aren't so many people who have the same problem as I have though, so this might not be a big deal for you!) <3

Do you also have problems with scar skin and the coverage of makeup on it? Please let me know, also if you have some hacks how to work in this skin, feel free to share! ;) (But it is also ok if you just wanna share your problem zones with me and we can be unhappy about them together! haha)

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have some questions please feel free to ask! ;)

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