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Etude House "Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet"

Etude House "Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet"

by Violetta

I was really curious about this mask, because I already tryed the "I Need You Mask Sheet" from Etude House, which I love so much. This one is a bit more expensive and I wanted to know if this one is worthwile.


PRICE: $4.60


How Etude House describes the product on their global internet store:

"What it is

Step 1. First Dr. Ampoule: Synergy ampoule
- A synergy ampoule for mask to apply first before applying Dr. Ampoule Mask. It manages keratin of rough skin after cleansing, hydrates, provides nutrition into skin, and helps Dr. Ampouble Mask sheet's contents get absorbed better and faster.

Step 2. Dr. Ampouble Mask: Cellulose fiber mask sheet
- Low-stimulus, high density, high adhesion mask sheet made of Cellulose fiber
- Containing full of contents between fibers and essential ingredients absorbed into skin deeply.
- Highly flexible sheet to be applied on face compactly to deliver high-adhesion special care.

I actually bought these during an event on the official logbal page from Etude House, so it was a bit less expensive than it is now. And since there was that event, there weren´t as expensive as they´re on the global store. I payed about $2.00 for each.

I got the VITAL CARE one.

"Vital Care: Mugwort leave water, Ceramide, Yeast extract, Royal jelly extract, Argan oil, Phellinus linteus extract, Soybean fermentation extract, and Capillary wormwood extract contained to keep skin hydrated and vitalized."

The First thing I recognized about this is, that the shape of the mask sheet is a bit better formed for my face (It fits more exactly). Also the material itself looks a bit softer and more high quality than the "I Need You Masks". 

All in all they´rre really similar to the "I Need You Masks", but these has one more step to do. At first I didn´t know how to use it, because it is barelly described in english, so I did a view recherches and find out how to use it.


1.)  After cleaning and towel drying the face, put on the FIRST STEP, wich is a liquidy cream (looking like a moisture cream). In this case it is white / milky and smells really good(a bit flowery and fruity, in any case really clean for the skin).

2.) Just right after applying the cream all over your face, put on the actual mask sheet, which is included in the packaging of the SECOND STEP. (STEP 1 shoud helpto absorb the increadients on STEP 2)

My sister crashed the picture. HAHA!

3.) Leave it on for 15~20 minutes and remove the sheet. Rub in the excess product on your skin (during that, you can give yourself a little face massage) (with clean hands!) till it´s all absorbed. If you don´t like the feeling of the excess product on your face, because you should ot wash your face right after that, you can also remove it with a cotton pad or (but in my opinion it´s more effective if you don´t do that) wash it of with water careful.

4.) I personally use such sort of masks once a week (only twice a week if I really really need it). I often hear people who use it every day, but I am not a big friend of this, because if you give your face every day such a mask, it becomes natural for your face and then your face will come to a certain standart, where such masks can´t help anymore. And If you don´t use them on one day, your face will feel very bad. That´s why I only do this once a week, so that my face don´t gets even more problems than it has already now. :3


I think that this mask is visable helping my skin, but I don´t see a better result as from the "I Need You Masks". So I have to say that instead of these, I´m going to buy the "I Need You Masks" again. But If you want to try them, I can only recommend them, because they really do work and are made from / with more special inccredients and materials (as I mentioned before).

Thank you for reading my review! Please leave a comment, because I am curious about what you think of this product.

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