Friday, February 12, 2016

Etude House "Moistfull Aloe Real Soothing Gel 92"



by Violetta


 Since it´s winter now, I wanted to write a review about one of my favourite moisturizer. This one is a really special one, because it is not only for the face, but for the whole body. In addition to that, it is cooling down your face, which is not only interesting in summer, but in winter as well. ;)

This product is one of the ALOE MOISTFULL-collection.


PRICE: now $7.70 (I purchaised it within an event for $5.00)

VOLUME: 300 ml


Description from Etude House:

This is an all-over moisture soothing gel that delivers quick moisture and soothing relief to exhausted and heated skin. (Application on both face and body recommended)
-Containing real pure aloe and baobab tree extract, This aloe gel delivers long-lasting rich moisture that provides moist, radiant and healthy skin.

I´m in love with this product. The consistence is really glibbery itself, but when you apply in tho the skin, you realize how watery it also is. It really feels like the real aloe plant and I am really happy about this lifelike feeling.
It is the perfect moisturizer in the morning, because it dryes really fast (if you don´t take to much of the product) and isn´t sticky at all)

I know that there are many similar products from other korean make up brands (like from Tonymoly, Innisfree ...) but I haven´t tryed them out yet.

I often use this product when my leggs are itching because of dryness. It is perfect, because when I don´t have much time to wait till it dryed, this one is really fast and helpsme with my dry skin. :)

here you can see the colour and the consistency. This amount is not big, but in the next picture you can see ...

that this was already to much. :D

Here is my pro and con list:

  1.  cooling down effect for skin
  2. not sticky
  3. moisturizes really well
  4. dryes really fast
  5. you get a really big amount of it (good if you like it, but bad if you don´t do so)
  6. not only for face, but also for the whole body
  7. great smell (like aloe)
  8. you need just a small amount to cover a big area
  9. good price for a good service 


  1. In winter I have the feeling that I need more than this product only for my skin care routine. 


This is the perfect moisturizer in summer, and a really good one for winter. Since I personally have only one disadvantage, I am definitely going to repurchise this product. 

Thank you for reading. If you like, please leafe a comment. I am really curious about which moisturizer are your favourites and if this review was helpfull for you. ;)

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