Sunday, February 7, 2016

Etude House "Beauty Shot Face Blur"

Etude House "Beauty Shot Face Blur"

by Rosalie

Today is like a special post, because I will write about the famous Face Blur from Etude House and will ask myself if it is that good if the brand itself sais or isn't it a helpful product.

First of the brand take many advertisement clips for this product, below I show you one of my favs! ;)

 Its just like Kristal (f(x)) helps every girl wich needs her help! haha! <33

Ok, now to the product. 


PRICE: $18.00



I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store, but I get it within a set, so I payed not exactly $18.  

Firstly, the packaging is cute and useful. You only pump one time and then you get enough product for one use. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It is very strong firstly when the product came out, but after applying it gets lighter. It smells like parfum but its like always hard to describe. If you ever have used a Etude House product then you know this typical kind of smell wich the products have. The smell of Face Blur is just a bit more parfum like. I can imagine that some people really can hate this smell for a faceproduct, but I personally like it (and I am really sensitive with smells). So I think this depends on you.

Th eproduct came out in one colour, so at first I was a bit nervous if the tone will fit to my skin. But the cream is really light and easy to blend so I think this can fit to many skin tones.
I tried to make some swatches for you to see the result in using this product:

 I always have problems with the big pores around my nose area so I show you this area to may see the biggest difference between before and after. I think you can see that the pores look smaller so in that kind of way it workes. 

The product is supposed to: smooth, hide pores, tone up your skin. It also have sun protection in it. (SPF 33 PA++)
For the first two things I think it worked. But I am not really sure it it toned up my skin, because the cream is REALLY light.

Also I cant say that this pore hiding and smoothng effect is really a big effect. Its hard to really see the difference. I personally dont see a difference in just using BB Cream or using Face Blur beforehand.

So what I really think is that this product isnt necessary for doing my make up. Only BB Cream work the same.

The baddest fact is that the product is kind of really oily or something. If you use it and apply BB Cream over it you shine like a star in the dark! :D haha My skin was sooooooo shining and like oily. I used much powder to get rid of this oily look but then I look like I was falling in a powder bowl! haha

So applying it at first is easy but get rid of the oilyness in a nice way is difficoult.
In the end I dont really like the product. My favourite primer (Etude House Baby Choux Base - Mint) is muuuuuuuch nicer!!!

I dont know how I will use this product now in a nice way, so if you have good ideas please I would be so happy to know them! :P

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  1. Oh wow! In the advertisements it looked like it was working miracles but I can see that it really didn't make too much of a difference for you. Thank you for this review! I will definitely go without this primer.

    1. Yepp, its hard to say but this products isn't one of the best! :(
      But I still love the brand (and the cute/funny advertising!) *__*

  2. This product is a PRIMER. You have to use your bb cream or whatever after.

    1. I tried it, it doesn't work.
      I only showed pictures from applying the primer/face blur because the product itself promised to do so many miracles, with and without applying BB Cream it doesn't do anything. It looked simply the same like I applied BB Cream, plus it makes my face super oily! :(

      other primers do so much more so seriously comparred to other primers this product makes it more worse to me.