Tuesday, September 26, 2017

BTS Comeback - Expectations and Reality

BTS Comeback - Expectations and Reality

by Rosalie


 - I just want to say this at the beginning! Don't get me wrong!!! I am a real ARMY! I love these 7 dorks so much and ship there music as much as I can. This is my personal thinking about the latest comeback. Just my opinion. I am happy to hear your opinions, too. But please also respect my opinion kindly! <3 -

Hi Lovelies,
the last weeks were really emotionally for me. Ok, some of you may guess it right: Kpop activities going on. That's is jep! :D

One of the comebacks I was really curious about was the one from BTS. I love them so much and I really think that "Blood Sweat And Tears" is art. Simply geniously.

Last time they came out with "Spring Day" and "Not Today", wich I also really love and could listen to every day.

This looks so compfortable I am freaking out! <3

The entertainment has done really good work in making all ARMYS going crazy!!
Me, my sister and Katia (her blog: www.katiasblog.de/ ) we all wrote so much in our chat about it. The new teaser images, like every singe day they put out a new range of the L.O.V.E. concept. We talked about wich album we wanna get and that Katia is as lucky to be in Japan in the time the comeback will be, so she will be able to buy it right there (Not Like me. I order it online and need to wait.... and wait...).

Before the amazing teaser images popped out, BTS made ARMY lucky with some art movies, 4 in total. They give like another view to the "The Most Beautyfull Moment In Life" concept. I think they should think about a new story, because it is kind of to much of this concept and they really should know when to stop. For me it was done after "Young Forever", as they mentioned earlyer as they came out with the MV. It wasn't all cleared out for the fans, of course, but hey, real art isn't there to be understanded completely, right? ;)

Ok, I accepted luckily the art movies to continue the story, but I was kind of pissed of at first that there weren't the gay stories we all loved at the beginning. <3 But to let my personal thing out right now, I must say that the storys are really interesting. Jongkook in hospital! OMO I can feel you!! Yoongi, I love everything you do, you were smoking (I hate smoking) but if you do it I adore it! haha!!!! 
After these 4 really nice movies the expectations got really high and with the teaser images together, I was sure that there will be a nice comeback! (Like "I need you", "run", something like that...)

My cute hopie with some nice flowers. But the flowers aren't as beautyfull as you! <3

I like the emotionally MV's from BTS because they are also really deep in the story and the lyrics are simply amazing. But I am also a big fan of the cypher parts, "Fire", "Not Today".....  just want to mentione, I found my way to BTS with "War Of Hormone"! haha
So beside hoping for a emotionally MV, I also hoped for some nice hiphop in BTS style.

 The day of the comeback came, I did some job's to afford the album, The L or the O version. <3
I must say I thought it will came out at 12:00 KST, as usual for korean MV's, but no. it came out 08:00 pm KST. So I somehow missed to watch it, but to be fair, Katia also missed it haha! Violetta wrote us that the MV is out, we should watch it but shouldn't be unhappy if it isn't as good as we all thought it would be.

My heart is dying with this pic! I love it so much!

So without waiting any longer I watched "DNA", but I really must say, the music wasn't as much BTS style as I hoped. In the special after the MV they said because of they're win at billboard they got many new fans and wanted to make music that is more alike for more people (in other words... mainstream??). I don't really get this because they got all the fans with the music style they already have. Why should I like something different and mainstream like from them... why??? The music isn't bad, but also not so omfg good (for DNA!). I listened to the album online, and I really like "MIC DROP", and the performance as well. Please don't be mad at me, but I think the performance from "MIC DROP" is muuuuuuch more better than the MV from "DNA". :(

Why haven't they done some mainstream sh*** as MV AND something great like "Not Today"?
I don't really get it at this point....

I wanna hug him. SO MUUUCH!!!

He is so soft looking. <3

So you are here at the blog of a really sad ARMY. I talked to Katia and Violetta, both aren't so happy about the comeback after all these high expectations. Katia bought the album anyway, I also understand why, but I am still struggeling if I should order it or not. Maybe they will bring out a full album next time and there are some more nice songs on it, with a amazing MV and photobook. I really hope for this!
(So Hopie, please show me that you really are my hope!!<33333)

aw! my cute jellybear! <3 (Suga is my jellybear, just in case you didn't know!) :D

I love the way V look right here. I love his looks also in the MV! <3 Like he is some sexy vampire! haaaaww <3

 Please let me know what you think about the comeback, if I am the only one who isn't happy about it.
I still want to support them (Of course, why not? haha) and am curious about the next steps from BTS. I love them so much. So I really hope they will do something amazing next time! :3

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  1. Hey Love,

    The only thing the album contributed to the HYYH concept were the four art movies and the notes, but music wise and style wise the album was definitely a step into a different direction. The one dissapoiting thing about DNA was mostly that the drop wasn't as satisfying as you would expect from a BTS song, still I like LOVE YOURSELF - HER more and more now that I've listened to it more. It grew on me. I am not a big fan of the songs co-produced by the Chainsmokers, but I like Serendipity (♥) Pied Piper, MIC Drop, Go Go and Sea. The performances are also incredible and I'm curious to see where BTS is going with LOVE YOURSELF. As for the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the art movies: I know it's dissapointing, but we need to understand that that's the kind of stuff that ruins careers forever in Korea. And BTS did us a great favor by giving as Serendipity that was explicitly written with gender neutral pronouns, because Love transcends gender (that's what Namjoon said in an interview).

    Anyway, great blog post ♥I miss you, babe ♥
    Katia (thanks for the shout out)

  2. Thank you for this comment! (omo, so looong! <33)
    I must say I am listening to the album and I like it more and more. But I guess the very first moment was like unexpected for me. And still, I don't like DNA as much as other songs on the album.

    AND I noticed, the "Love Yourself", it was from the speach from Namjoon for Billboard!! <3
    And yes, the serendipity is amazing. I love the idea behind! :3
    And I wonder why they have written a song with the chainsmokers, where most of the lyrics are in korean. So they could only have written the music, I guess?!

    I miss you, too! <33