Friday, August 18, 2017

TonyMoly Dalcom Banana Pong-Dang Lip Balm

TonyMoly Dalcom Banana Pong-Dang Lip Balm

By Rosalie


Hi my Lovelies,
today I am back with an super cute product, wich is always exciting for me to write abotu it. I am in love with the cute and sweet packaging from the korean cosmetic industry. They are super creative!!!

To get on this creativity I wanted to do something cool onto the title image, let's see how long this creative thing will last haha. What do you think about some more special title images?? :)

Anyway, the product I am writing about is from the korean beauty brand TonyMoly, and basically it is a banana lipbalm.




PRICE:  $6

I ordered this product at

in the following I will show you how the product look like:


It really look's like a small banana, where you can twist up the top and than get the product out.

As you can see the only colourfull thing here is my nailpolish haha. The lipbalm itself is not colouring, it only gives a rich moisturizing to your lips and this bright glossy, typical look. The smell is similar to banana, really sweet banana milk. I like it so much! <33

So if you need a good moisturizing touch up on your lips or a nice lipgloss this one is cute and works really well for me, too.

If you have any more questions about this please let me know! <33

Also I hope this review was helpfull for you.

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